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Sales Management Performance Services

In today’s globally competitive world, it is more important than ever for sales organizations to perform at their peak. The business benefits of implementing behavior change in the sales force are undeniable, with some studies showing an ROI of 5 to 7 times the investment through improvements in personnel retention, job performance, leadership and communication style, making the entire team more productive.

But implementing behavior change isn’t easy, as anyone who has ever tried to lose weight, stop smoking or get into better physical shape can tell you.

“One of the unfortunate downsides of the sales realm is that most sales managers rise to their position from out of the sales ranks, but are usually given very little additional training.  To exacerbate this situation even more, most of these individuals were very productive sales people.” –John Underwood in “Scratch Selling”

What We Do
At Farsyte, we engage with companies to transform the performance of their sales teams. Our methods are:

  • Based on a solid theoretical foundation
  • Implemented using state-of-the-art online tools and apps
  • Administered by experienced sales professionals and ICF certified coaches

Sales Managers are Key
According to Gallup, “Front-line managers are instrumental in creating the right workgroup culture. Selecting and training front-line sales supervisors is one of the best and surest ways to improve the quality of your sales organization.”

We agree. Your sales managers are proven, tenured and leveraged. They are responsible for the performance of your sales teams. If you had the best sales managers in the world you would have the best sales team in the world.

Unfortunately, most sales managers are poorly prepared for their important role in driving revenue.

Farsyte Performance Process

Farsyte Process

Our comprehensive 360-degree assessment of your front-line sales managers will unearth powerful insights from their peers, subordinates and managers.

Structured one-on-one sessions with an ICF-certified coach give your sales managers a completely new perspective on their role. More importantly, they will develop a personalized path to changing the behaviors that have the greatest impact on their performance.

Weekly coaching sessions and proprietary mobile technology keep the manager on track until the new behaviors become second nature. While our 90-day ROI assessment will prove the impact, everyone will see the difference in the first few weeks.


  • Create effective leadership in first-line and mid-level managers
  • Increase your ability to close large accounts
  • Build better customer relationships
  • Reduce turnover and improve retention of top performing staff
  • Recruit key talent more easily
  • Gain visibility into your sales pipeline
  • Create a culture of excellence and accountability in the sales organization
  • Build a deeper bench