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Unlock the Potential of Your Sales Force

Sales is the lifeblood of your organization. But most of the performance is locked up in high-potential sales managers that should be high-performance sales leaders. 

We turn sales managers into sales multipliers.  Our system uses a unique combination of assessment tools, executive coaching, and mobile technology to actually change your front-line sales leaders from trying to manage each sale, to multiplying sales by empowering their team for maximum performance.

We are the personal trainers for successful front-line sales leaders. We work with your high-potential sales managers to unlock their potential to be great sales leaders. Then, we teach them how to coach those winning behaviors to the rest of the team.

Front-line sales managers are selected for sales performance, not managerial skill, so they don’t have the expertise to solve the problems of their sales teams. Plus, the pressure for quarterly results has everyone working on the quarter, not on the problem.

You can’t fix the problem by throwing technology at it, because technology doesn’t change behavior. That’s why CRM systems don’t work (at least half of all CRM software efforts have either failed to live up to expectations or failed outright).

You can’t fix it with training either, because training increases knowledge but it doesn’t change behavior.

Our unique combination of experience, coaching and technology permanently revolutionizes your sales force. You’ll see the results in 60 days.

Proven Methodology

We have a proprietary proven methodology for implementing behavioral change which delivers measurable high-impact results at the speed of business.

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Experienced Coaches

Our team of seasoned coaches bring real-world sales management experience to every assignment. The result is a faster trust relationship and a more engaging experience for the executive client.

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Measurable ROI

Measuring results is an integral part of our system, ensuring a positive ROI on the investment you make in your front-line sales leaders.

Sales Managers: Perform at Your Peak

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